The main goals of this class are to help you design, critique, code, and run rigorous, valid, and feasible evaluations of educational programs. Each type of assignment in this class is designed to help you achieve one or more of these goals.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the pages for the reading reactions, data-analytic memos, and the exam. For the final course project, you will develop an evalution plan for a new education program that excites you. Throughout the quarter, there will be three milestones related to the evaluation plan.

As you’ve seen on the syllabus and schedule pages, the assignment dates are as follows.

Category Release date Due date
Survey 1 Mon, Sep 25 09:00AM Sun, Oct 01 11:55PM
Milestone 1 Sun, Oct 08 11:55PM
Milestone 2 Sun, Oct 15 11:55PM
DAM 1 Mon, Oct 16 09:00AM Sun, Oct 22 11:55PM
DAM 2 Mon, Oct 23 09:00AM Sun, Oct 29 11:55PM
Survey 2 Mon, Oct 30 09:00AM Sun, Nov 05 11:55PM
DAM 3 Mon, Nov 06 09:00AM Sun, Nov 12 11:55PM
DAM 4 Mon, Nov 13 09:00AM Sun, Nov 19 11:55PM
Exam Tue, Nov 21 02:00PM Tue, Nov 21 03:20PM
Milestone 3 Sun, Dec 03 11:55PM
Evaluation plan Sun, Dec 15 11:55PM
Course evaluation Sun, Dec 15 11:55PM

All reading reactions are due by 11:55PM on the day before class. All times are in Pacific time.

Also, to recap what you already saw on the syllabus page, here is how each of your various course contributions and assignments contribute to your overall grade. For group assignments, all group members will receive the same grade. All other contributions are graded individually.

Category Percent of final grade
Participation, reading reactions 14%
Data-analytic memos (DAMs) 30%
Exam 25%
Milestones 1-3 2% each
Your evaluation plan 25%
Grace policy

When calculating the final DAM portion of the overall grade, I will drop the lowest score and use the remaining scores. Thus, if you have an emergency that forces you to miss one submission, your grade will not be severely affected.

All grades will be posted through Canvas.

Bump-up policy: I reserve the right to “bump up” the grades of students who have made valuable contributions to the course in the in-person course and discussions/Slack. This also applies to students who show tremendous progress and growth over the quarter.

Please refer to the syllabus page for the course policies.